Homefront: The Revolution’s multiplayer beta will be exclusive to Xbox One this winter

Homefront: The Revolution's multiplayer beta will be exclusive to Xbox One this Winter

Today at Gamescom, C.J. Kershner from Deep Silver showed off some exciting gameplay footage for Homefront: The Revolution.

In this near future first person shooter sequel to the 2011 title, the player is a part of the guerrilla warfare resistance effort in the former United States, which has been invaded by a technologically advance North Korea. Fighting in an open world environment, players can either engage in the single player campaign or in a new multiplayer cooperative experience to form their own resistance cells for waging war against the foreign occupiers.

It was also announced that this new open world multiplayer experience will be available exclusively to Xbox One owners in beta this winter.

Along with the announcement of an Xbox One exclusive beta, Kershner showed some off new gameplay. In the footage presented at Gamescom, the player is using guerrilla warfare tactics to fight the enemy in a war torn Philadelphia, using the enemy’s own technology and weapons against them in an effort to band together with other resistance fighters.

While, the original Homefront received mixed reviews, hopefully this latest version will take the original concept of the game a significant step further with both a new open world environment and cooperative multiplayer.

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