HoloLens video claims number one spot among viral videos with 14 million views

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Hololens demo

Last week Microsoft’s video centered on their new hologram based virtual reality lens had 14 million views, good enough for the number one viral video last week on the Ad Age Viral Video chart. The video is very futuristic but almost feels natural due to the rapid advancement of technology, what was science fiction just a few years ago is regularly announced at build and press conferences. In case you missed it, here's the video:

And if you missed our coverage of the January Technical Preview announcement, Microsoft is coming out with a device called HoloLens. It is a standalone virtual reality device that displays virtual images onto the real world. HoloLens has three processors and is powerful enough to project images into everyday life in real time.

The video shows potential uses for HoloLens including Minecraft being in your kitchen, Skyping while walking through the office, 3-D models being made virtually and then 3-D printed, and a variety of other uses. This is all very early and full functionality will take time but if viral video buzz is any indication HoloLens will be in high demand.

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