HoloLens to be used in Seattle real-estate leasing project for downtown high-rise

Arif Bacchus


Microsoft’s Hololens development kit was only released to the world last week at Build 2016, but some folks are already finding new uses for the device. Real estate development firm Shanska has announced that they are planning to use Microsoft’s Hololens in the “World’s first holographic real estate leasing center.”

The sales center for the project at Second Avenue and University Street in Seattle is set to open in July, but until then, a holographic version will be used in sales until the building is finished in 2019. Studio 216 is behind the project and in a statement from a press release published in GeekWire founding partner Boaz Ashkenazy said:

“The HoloLens headset will transport users into a fully immersive first-person perspective—as if they were walking through the project—while allowing them to stay visually and emotionally connected to the sales representative in the sales center,”

Render of upcoming project.


The situation is no doubt interesting and opens up a new opportunity for uses of Microsoft’s HoloLens. We would really like to know your take on this, so shoot us a comment with your thoughts below!