HoloLens in “real world mode” using Maya from Autodesk shown off at WPC

HoloLens in "real world mode" using Maya from Autodesk shown off at WPC

At the Worldwide Partner Conference today Microsoft again showed off HoloLens, this time with Maya from Autodesk. Maya is a 3-D modeling software that when combined with HoloLens allows users to see their 3-D models in augmented reality.

In the demo during the keynote they showed off modeling a motorcycle. Users can bring a 3-D model onto a desk and scale it up and down but the show stopper of that demo was “real world mode.” Just by saying those words the person demonstrating the software overlayed a 3-D model over a real life motorcycle. This allowed them to see how parts fit together including mirrors. They easily repositioned the mirrors while looking at the virtual mirrors as if they were part of the real motorcycle.

While these aren’t groundbreaking announcement for HoloLens in terms of new features, they do show a real world application in industry and design for Microsoft’s augmented reality headset.

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