HoloLens gets brought into Minecraft by the folks over at MineDaft

Email Twitter: @TheJoeFin Aug 8th, 2015 inNews

HoloLens gets brought into Minecraft by the folks over at MineDaft

While the HoloLens is still a long way from being optimized for gaming, gamers have not stopped from integrating a video game version of the HoloLens. The gamers over at MineDaft have created an in-game version of the HoloLens within Minecraft. This in-game version of the HoloLens looks like the demo made at E3 where the Minecraft world is shown on a table and characters in the game can be seen moving around working in the world.

The simulation is created using mods and does introduce extra lag into the game. After users obtain the special HoloLens which looks like an iron helmet and place it on their head, they can click the text to turn the virtualization on or off. A live virtual world then appears on the pedestal in the middle of the room where players can watch other players in the world.

While this mod does not have anything to do directly with the HoloLens, it does show how the device has captured the attention of many. Even though Microsoft has announced they will slowly roll HoloLens out beginning in enterprise, it is very obvious how augmented reality can create compelling entertainment scenarios. Hopefully when devices go out to developers we can see even more fun and interesting uses for this technology.

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