HoloLens to get password manager support with 1Password, Beta app also updated

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Only a week after Microsoft shipped out the HoloLens Developer Edition, 1Password claimed dibs on the virtual headset’s list of applications. 1Password is an application produced by AgileBits Inc. that locks all of a user’s accounts and passwords into one easy to access vault. All the user needs is–you guessed it–one password.

The company released three tantalizing previews of their application via Twitter earlier today:

The application isn’t available for download just yet on the HoloLens, however. Alongside the tease, 1Password also released a Windows 10 Beta 28 version that includes:

  • [IMPROVED] automatic reconnect to 1Password Account when session is expired
  • [IMPROVED] search also checks for tags (only search that runs after ENTER for now, suggestions do not include tags yet)
  • [IMPROVED] Settings menu provides simpler and yet powerful user experience
  • View user’s guide (op://guide in browser or /guide in search box)
  • Ask in the forum (op://forum in browser or /forum in search box)
  • Email us (op://email in browser or /email in search box) to email us logs and crash reports
  • Feedback (op://feedback in browser or /feedback in search box) to open system’s Feedback Hub
  • [IMPROVED] Advanced options can be accessed by either /iddqd or /log commands
  • [IMPROVED] Log is opened in a separate window
  • [FIXED] some of the crashes should not happen anymore, thank for your feedback!

The Windows 10 standalone app is available for download free while in beta. 1Password hasn’t released any extra information on when they plan to release the application for the HoloLens.

1Password Alpha
1Password Alpha
Developer: AgileBits Inc.
Price: Free
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