HoloLens’ project Galaxy Explorer will bring the sun into your living room

In continuation of what is perhaps the coolest development video blog for one of the coolest tech products in a while, the team developing Galaxy Explorer for Microsoft HoloLens details the next step in their quest to make an AR version of the galaxy for viewing.

Aptly titled “Make it Real”, episode 4 of the series continues from the previous episode to explore how the team is putting together the visuals for a as-accurate-as-possible version of the galaxy within a HoloLens experience. With only 3 weeks of core development time left, one of the interesting challenges the team has to face is to recreate the look of the Milky Way, without having ever seen it (no photo reference, for obvious reasons). The solution is equally as interesting: to combine rendering of two galaxies to replicate the multi-arm swirly look.

The team also coins the term “Mixed Reality”, showcasing this new plane of experience with a realistic hologram of the Sun, that is expected to shine on walls and ceiling. The result looks breathtaking, and that’s only a video. Even better, there will be an editor mode where other developers can add new planets as they are discovered, complete with descriptions.

The project will serve as a good example of what the HoloLens are capable of, which is also the intention of the development team who want to open-source it. Nevertheless, there is still a ways to go until its completion, chief among the tasks is content creation and collection – in team’s words, “like doing math while sprinting”. Stay tuned for future news and videos regarding this awesome project.

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