HoloLens could play a big role in the future of healthcare

Joseph Finney

HoloLens could play a big role in the future of healthcare application and training

Future nurses will have access to technology which is currently being developed by several different companies, and one of those pieces of technology may be HoloLens, where Microsoft looks to change the way nurses work. There are several different scenarios where Microsoft’s augmented reality would assist health care workers in hospitals and in the field. Most of these scenarios revolve around the idea of telemedicine, a new trend in giving care remotely using technology.

Doctors can experience a patient’s point of view to get an update on their condition or evaluate a new case. Hospital staff could also give life-saving coaching to first responders in the field to tell them what to do and how. Training could also be deeply impacted by HoloLens by enabling students to have heads up prompts and tips while viewing a real body. Since augmented reality would project images over real objects or people students can still get real hands on experience while also having an extra layer of information, tutorials, or examples to interact with. Hopefully augmented reality technology will help medical professionals train better, respond quicker, and understand deeper to save and improve lives.