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Hitman: Game of the Year Edition announced for Xbox One as new game and upgrade

IO Interactive today announced a special Game of the Year edition of the popular Hitman which is due for release next month on November 7th.

Hitman: Game of the Year Edition will include the base game and the previously release The Complete First Season content plus a new campaign, three new themed Escalation Contracts, and three new themed weapons. New players can buy the Hitman: Game of the Year Edition for $60 while those who already own it can simply upgrade their existing game for $20.

Once the Game of the Year update rolls out, the game will receive a variety of other improvements as well such as 4K graphics for when played on the Xbox One X, a new UI, and new lighting improvement. Here's the official list of changes.

  • A redesigned UI with a new colour scheme and visual style: A fresh new look across the board and re-organised menus to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • New Contracts Mode features: 'Trending' helps you find the most popular contracts, making sure you can easily find a new challenge. We’re also adding 10 ‘Conditions’  that will add huge depth to Contracts Mode, such as restricting disguise changes or requiring players to use a specific exit. Anyone who creates a contract will be able to toggle these conditions to set a more defined challenge for their contract.
  • Major lighting improvements to all missions: New colour grading, readjusted HDR adaptation rules and re-designed skyboxes mean that our locations look more vivid, vibrant and lifelike.
  • Commemorative Elusive Target Unlock: If you played any of the Elusive Targets we released during Season One, we’re giving you an in-game coin to commemorate your progress and thank you for your support.
  • Xbox One X Enhancements: A whole host of enhancements are on the way for Xbox One X owners, including options for native 4K and a higher framerate. Specific details to come in a Xbox-specific blog post.
  • Various fixes and improvements: Full release notes will be published closer to 7 November. That should be enough time to start thinking about your default loadout for each location…

Oh, and one more thing…

  • Elusive Target Re-activation: Starting in November, we will re-activate Elusive Targets. If you missed any Elusive Targets the first time around, or if you are new to HITMAN, this is your chance to experience these intense time-limited targets. All of the suit unlocks are back in play for both new and existing players to complete their collection. If you’ve already completed or failed an Elusive Target, you won’t be able to play that specific contract again; your record for that contract will stand and cannot be altered. Re-activated ET’s will still be time-limited and the first one will be re-activated shortly after the release of our Game of the Year Edition on November 7th.

Are you going to buy Hitman: Game of the Year Edition or upgrade your existing copy to the new version? Let us know in the comments below.

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