Hey Cortana comes to Windows 10 Mobile devices in Canada

One of the main gripes regarding Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, Cortana, is that international support has been limited. If you’re in the U.S., then Cortana is a fully-featured partner in managing time and information, but outside of the U.S., it’s been a real mixed bag. Microsoft keeps chipping away at availability, though, and according to some Reddit users, Canadian Cortana fans are getting a new feature.

Reddit user theafterdeath had this to say:

Hey all,

I had a firmware update today, and going through Cortana settings I’ve noticed that we can now select and use ‘Hey Cortana’ keeping our Canada region and settings.

“Hey, Cortana” doesn’t work on all devices. The ability to just talk to your smartphone and have it respond requires some extra hardware, specifically SensaCore, but if your Lumia supports the feature and you live in Canada, then you’re now hopefully in business.

This helpful soul also provided some clarification on just how to check out the “Hey Cortana” functionality:

To activate just go into Cortana’s Notebook and then Settings. The second option should be a slider to turn on Hey Cortana.

We’re happy to see Microsoft turn these sorts of features on for more users, and please do let us know when you notice such things. Our Tips line remains open 24/7.

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