Here’s why Microsoft launched the SNIPP3T app on iPhone before Windows Phone

Here's why Microsoft launched the SNIPP3T app on iPhone before Windows Phone

Just recently, Microsoft released an app called SNIPP3T, exclusive for iPhone. The app is designed to let you track your favorite celebrities with the help of Bing Data. The app allows you to subscribe and follow celebrities, giving you updates on all the things you’d want to know about any particular celebrity.

Unfortunately, this stirred up a lot of angry discussions from those who believe Microsoft should have released this app for its own Windows Phone platform too. The program manager for the app has issued a response on Reddit explaining Microsoft’s decision.

“This app was born out of a hack day idea and thus we had to prioritize resources ruthlessly for the launch. We’d love to bring SNIPP3T to all platforms, but iPhone was the best platform to test market reception for this type of app,” said Donald Soon, a Program Manager for SNIPP3T. “If market reception is great we’d definitely love to bring it to WP [Windows Phone].”

“With incubation or “garage” type projects such as this the resources are very limited so we really had to consider the initial platform carefully. Cortana’s launch should be an indication that MS [Microsoft] is certainly not ignoring WP [Windows Phone],” he adds.

SNIPP3T looks somewhat similar to the Microsoft Research social networking site, however this app is geared towards users who want to follow celebrities. The app has a very nice user-interface, and with Facebook integration you can check whether your friends are following celebrities too.

Soon adds that Microsoft has taken a new direction to break “existing molds” and that simply means Microsoft is no longer Windows centric. This is all thanks to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“Under Satya, MS has a direction to break our existing molds and one of those previous molds was being Windows centric. This is an incubation app right now in the sense that we’re trying to iterate and see what works and what doesn’t in spaces we haven’t fully explored. The target user (celebrity fans) was taken into account for the initial platform we chose. This is an example of the growth hacking culture that Satya is encouraging at Microsoft and everyone should expect to see more of these experiments released in the future,” Soon adds.

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