Here’s why 4.9% of the Internet shouldn’t be using IE6 (video)


As of September 2013, 4.9% of all internet users in the world are ‘still’ using Internet Explorer 6. This isn’t good, at all. Microsoft has done everything in their power to try and lower this number significantly, and they’ve done a good job, but 4.9% still stand and that needs to stop.

If this was a couple of years ago, users using IE6 would be holding the internet back, as developers would still be trying to support such browser. Today however, things have changed, the web pretty much doesn’t work in IE6 anymore.

Duncan Maile from has thrown together a video demonstrating how 4.9% of the internet experience the web today. Websites are broken, very broken. The odd few still work, but with legacy code. What’s more, some of the sites don’t even throw up a warning banner telling the user the upgrade. It should be a law, or something.

So, if you’re still using IE6, upgrade. Right now. In a matter of fact, if you’re still using IE6, upgrade your entire operating system. Windows 7 is waiting for you, Windows 8 isn’t something you have to try just yet so don’t worry too much about that, but at the very least move away from XP and onto Windows 7.

Check out the video below.

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