Here’s what’s new in Sea of Thieves Season Six

Robert Collins

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Season 6 update was released on March 10 with a number of new additions that will keep players swashbuckling right up to summer’s doorstep. Season 6 is available free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, on both Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as Windows 10 PC.

The game’s tagline for Season 6 is “Take the fight to the forts,” and the update allows players to do just that with new Sea Forts – a half-dozen total – just waiting to be pillaged, though the Phantoms guarding them won’t be lying down that easily. And once you do take possession of a Sea Fort, take time to check out your new digs, because it won’t be long until you’ll have to defend it from other pirates.

Season 6 also sees the addition of limited-time Adventures that add to the narrative and expand the lore of the game world. And coming in the second half of the season will be the Pirate Legend Voyage – a highly repayable quest that will provide a different set of challenges and rewards each time you play it.

In addition there will be a plethora of new items in the game with the Season 6 update, including new flags, sails, weapons, costumes, ship parts, ancient coins, and more. Also available as an optional purchase is the Plunder Pass, which offers even more booty  in the form of extra costumes, ship sets, and so on.

As mentioned, the update is free, so this is the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about with Sea of Thieves. Plunder and glory await in this open world high seas adventure.