Here’s what’s announced as coming to Microsoft 365 this week

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft 365

We have seen a ton of features announced that have made it to Microsoft 365 over the past couple of weeks, and as the month of October comes to an end, Microsoft is delivering yet another set of features to the Microsoft 365 suite. Let’s dive in!

Sign Language experience in Teams Meetings

If you happen to use sign language features during your Teams meetings, a new feature tagged 99452 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap should help you. It is designed “to prioritize interpreters and other sign language users so that they remain visible in a static, central location on the meeting stage, with higher video quality”. This is a user-level setting and it will only appear for the users that have enabled it. The feature is currently exclusive to Teams Desktop but is expected to begin rolling in early November in preview.

Additional API Capabilities for Tasks in Teams and Planner

Microsoft is introducing new application permissions capabilities for the Microsoft Planner APIs tagged 101153 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. They will also feature two sets of enhancements, Business Scenario capabilities and Application permissions to existing Planner API capabilities. These new capabilities are designed to simplify working with tasks in an organization.

The former will facilitate integrations with external sources so that they can be represented as tasks for the appropriate team while adding the latter to new and existing Planner API capabilities thus allowing developers to automate workflows. These additional API capabilities are expected to roll out in a public preview release in mid-November with an expectation that they will be completed sometime in late November.

Microsoft Teams: Additional Filters in Approvals

Microsoft Teams’ approval list within the personal app will now feature additional filters such as key word search and other options such as ‘Approved’. The feature tagged 92486 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap is expected to rollout in preview by mid-November and reach general availability towards the end of November.

That’s it for this week folks! Be sure to check out last week’s post in case you missed it. We’ve only hit some of the major announcements made this week. Earlier in the week we also covered the changes in navigation for Outlook for Android. What’s more, Teams’ Video Clips feature’s rollout time has also been updated and is now set to reach general availability towards the end of November.