Here’s some of the improvements coming with Halo Infinite’s Mid-Season Update

Robert Collins

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Halo Infinite video game on Xbox Series X and Windows 11

Halo Infinite will be seeing a mid-season update this week that will bring a number of improvements to both the single player campaign as well as the multiplayer aspect. The update seems to be slated for Thursday, February 24th.

What will the update fix? Perhaps most notably, the update will include a patch to ameliorate latency issues (i.e., “rubberbanding”) in multiplayer games. In particular, the patch is reportedly targeted toward reducing the rubberbanding effect with vehicles and vehicle debris.

Other fixes will include improved anti-cheating measures, though the specifics have not been revealed by 343 Industries. Nor have details been provided about general stability and performance enhancements, though these are surely in the works with the update. Patch notes will be published on or before the day of the updates’ release.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite
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One more area of interest the update focuses on is first person animations, which can often have a stuttering effect in the current version of the game, particularly online. It is also reported that the range of motion tracking in Big Team Battle will see a boost as well. This has been a point of criticism among players since the game’s launch last year.

Finally, there will be further improvements with the mid-season update to the campaign, though again the details remain fuzzy at this point, though it is speculated that it will address issues with using Quick Resume to return to a game, something that has been a major point of frustration with some gamers.