Here’s one way to get around Bing Chat’s 6 message limit

Kip Kniskern

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Reddit’s r/bing is a busy place these days, as the new Bing and Bing chat have everyone talking. After some setbacks where the chatbot seemed to have trouble with longer chats, devolving into seemingly emotional breakdowns, Microsoft clamped down on Bing Chat sessions, at first limiting them to 5 messages per session and 50 chats per day, and then a few days later bumping the limits up to 6 messages per session and 100 chats per day.

This has had at least some effect on the AI powered chat to begin going off the rails, but for some, having longer chats about legitimate subjects is still useful. One Redditor posted an interesting workaround to the 6 message limit: he asks Bing Chat to summarize their conversation, and then posts that summary into a new chat:

I think this is an illuminating and critical dialogue to have. Than you for the opportunity. Is there a way you could summarize the content of this dialogue in less that 2000 characters? My purpose would be to paste your summary at the beginning of a new chat. So when I run out of the 6 message limit, I can start a new chat but also give you a sort of “memory” of the old one. Does it make sense? I hope this doesn’t violate any of your rules.

So far, “Bing doesn’t seem to mind it,” al4fred posts, and the trick allows him to continue the conversation without having to start completely over.

How are you getting along with the new Bing? Have you been accepted into the preview yet? (you can sign up for the waitlist if you haven’t already). Let us know in the comments below.

“Robot conversation” image thanks to DALL E 2