OneNote Class Notebook helps a teacher combine education and Star Wars into a fun learning experience -
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OneNote Class Notebook helps a teacher combine education and Star Wars into a fun learning experience

OneNote is a powerful tool from Microsoft that is excellent for creating lists, taking notes, gathering information and allowing you to have multiple notebooks with different subjects inside. Think of OneNote as an endless Composition notebook, saved in the cloud, accessible wherever you are, from virtually any device. With its continued development, Microsoft has also focused on education, as a way for teachers to organize class curriculum, schedules, students information and lessons, with Class Notebook.

On the Office blogsMarija Petreska, a teacher for 6th, 7th and 8th grades in Kicevo, Macedonia, writes about her success using OneNote Class Notebook in her classroom. Class Notebook allows her to add images, videos, clip art, audio, quizzes into her notebook to help the students better understand the lessons. When dealing with language lessons, this method has proven to Marija the power of visual aids when teaching her class.

To keep her students up to date, on the latest lessons plans and information, Marija uses OneNote's ability to update private notebooks for each student. This also works for new students just entering her classroom and allows everyone to have the same information. When dealing with new students or a new class, using OneNote's Collaboration Space allows Marija to create fun clip art that identifies each students learning style. Under each clip art, she encourages her student's to write their name, so she has a template for each learning style and information on how to create each lesson for their private notebooks.

OneNote Avatars

To get further insight on her students and their performance, Marija has created a place where each student can have a profile page, highlighting their strengths and places to improve. To help understand if students are comfortable with each lesson, she uses monster avatars that students can paste to lessons, showing their level of understanding or if they need further assistance. She even added the ability for students to be awarded Star Wars avatars for their hard work.

OneNote Avatars
OneNote StarWars Avatars

Microsoft's OneNote is a great tool for educators and as shown with Marija and her class, it offers teachers a place to create lessons, share lessons with students, award students for hard work and build a template to better understand areas students are succeeding in and those where additional attention is needed. With availability across multiple platforms, let us know in the comments how you personally use this tool and the features it has.

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