Here’s what it’s like to work at Microsoft

If you’re looking for a new place to get a job, then you might want to consider Microsoft as an option. Not only do you use the cutting-edge technology we all know and love, but you can enjoy flexibility and exposure to some new ways of doing business. Microsoft wants you to know how great it is to work for them, and so they’ve put together a quick video highlighting the best parts.

Flexibility seems to be the key that Microsoft is focusing on here:

As a pioneer of flexible working models, Microsoft allows its employees to decide for themselves when and where they work. Based on the interaction of technical possibilities and an open and transparent corporate culture around 90% of our employees use this flexibility. The two principles trust of working hours and trust of work location are the focus.

So, head on over to Microsoft Careers and see what jobs are open. Maybe you’ll find the perfect, flexible position just for you.

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