Here’s how the Surface Duo’s camera app might look, and how the Duo might perform

Arif Bacchus

Surface Duo

The Surface Duo won’t be coming until September 10, but as the date approaches, we’re slowly learning more about the device. In the latest, Windows Central managed to get a peek at what the Duo’s camera app might look like. Additionally, presumed benchmarks for the Duo also appeared online, putting it right with some of the other dual-screen or foldable phones.

We’ll start first with the camera app on the Duo. It’s well known that the camera will come in at 11 megapixels with an 84-degree field of view, but the software side had been a mystery until now. Some new screenshots obtained by Windows Central (from a live chat session with a Microsoft Store associate to help shoppers considering a purchase of the device) showcases the experience when running the camera app on the Duo for the first time. The user interface changes and says to fold the Duo for a picture, flip it to change views, or how to maximize the camera on a screen to see selfies as you take them.

Additionally, along the bottom of the UI for the Duo’s Camera app are some options for the core features, including Photo, Video, Slow-Mo, Portrait, and Panorama. There are also options on the top to set a timer and a toggle for the flash. You’ll then see the gallery, too. We put these images below.

Now, for the performance. Noted by Windows Latest, the Duo’s Snapdragon 855 processor paired with 6GB RAM picked up some good scoring in Geekbench. It recorded a 762 Single-Core Score and a 2867 Multi-Core Score. Benchmarks are synthetic and don’t always equate to real performance, but the Multi-Core numbers are of par of the Galaxy Fold (2,663) as well as the Galaxy X Flip (2,685.) Such benchmark listings can easily be manipulated, and we’re unable to verify the Duo’s score of course, so take it with a fine grain of salt.

We’ve pre-ordered our own Surface Duo and will be looking forward to putting it to some real tests. We’ll be doing an unboxing, impressions post, and a full-on review. So, let us know if you have any requests for our review by dropping us a comment below.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated that the screenshots were obtained from a “private briefing hosted by Microsoft Store.” This caused confusion, and we’ve since updated our article to clarify that it was obtained from a live chat session with a Microsoft Store associates to help shoppers considering a purchase of the device.