Here's everything that was new with Azure Government in September 2016

Microsoft’s Azure cloud solutions are picking up customer facing features at a clip similar to Windows 10 and Office 365, so much so, the company is beginning to focus update announcements into monthly blog post intended on keeping all users informed.

Lily Kim, a senior director of Azure Government, took the time out today to cover all of the high-level updates and features that have made their way into the company’s government offering of Azure, which include:

  • Enhancements to Azure Government Resource Management (ARM), making it much easier to setup and configure your virtual machines and other services
  • SQL v12 allows users to focus on rapid app development and get rid of your need to worry about managing the VMs and infrastructure that support your SQL databases
  • Storage Service Encryption encrypts your data at rest to meet government security and compliance requirements
  • Bringing F-Series VMs to USGov Iowa
  • Other highlights from this month include:
  • Azure Government pricing is now in the pricing calculator allowing government consumers to better budget the use of Azure services.
  • Microsoft signing the CJIS security addendum for Oregon, which marked the 23rd state to the list of states that Microsoft supports for CJIS, more than any other cloud provider, making up the cloud leader in CJIS

A little while back WinBeta wrote about the importance of Microsoft obtaining support CJIS, and today it’s proving to be a continued source of differentiation for the company as it goes toe to toe with competing cloud solution providers.

To learn more about Microsoft Azure Government solutions, we encourage readers to visit the Azure Government blog or sign up for a trial of the service here.

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