Here’s everything that was announced at Ubisoft’s E3 conference

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft wasn’t the only company that brought a collection of new announcements to E3 this year. Ubisoft also showed up with several announcements, and actually had some pretty interesting things to say. We’ll go through each one of Ubisoft’s announcements so you can get up to date on what’s coming up in 2017 without having to watch the whole conference. We’ll leave out things like Assassin’s Creed Origins (since it was announced previously in the conference, by Microsoft) or Far Cry 5 (We got trailers for that weeks ago) so we can focus on news that broke on the Ubisoft stage.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

This one has been rumored for quite a while, and has gotten some mixed feelings from fans of each franchise. With Mario being a sacred cow to so many people, they were hesitant to see Rabbids – a Ubisoft mascot that many think of as just a “Minions” marketing clone – involved. Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the most influential names in gaming (the creator of Mario) came out on stage to reveal this one, showing us an XCOM-esque experience that nobody saw coming If you have a Switch, this one should be on your radar – very unlikely we see this one on Xbox, though.

The Crew 2

Surprisingly, The Crew 2 made an appearance at the conference this year. We’ve known for a while now this game was coming, but it’s still mind-boggling that this is the case. The original Crew game was an immense flop, with hardly anybody feeling that it made good on the promises it made to players a couple of E3 conferences ago. With a sequel coming, Ubisoft intends to add in things like planes to give the game a fresh new perspective – we’ll see if it helps.

Skull and Bones

During my E3 viewing party, myself and my fellow audience referred to this one as “Edgy Sea of Thieves.” Built on the bones of fan-favorite Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, this pirate game is focused on giving you a polished version of that pirate ship gameplay that so many Assassin’s Creed fans fell in love with years ago. While this one seems to be completely multiplayer focused, the team at Ubisoft is convinced that’ll be enough to hold everyone’s attention.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

This was announced already without a release date, but now we have a definitive date on when the next South Park game is going to be gracing us all. The game will be launching on October 13th of this year barring any delays, and promises to add more mechanics to the same South Park feel that made everyone love Stick of Truth. On top of this, they also announced a mobile card game called Phone Destroyer.

Just Dance 2018

There’s a new one every year, and 2018 is no exception. Just Dance is here to give you tons of ways to look silly in your living room, dancing with plastic in your hands while nobody’s watching. The announcement came with the same dorky energy of every year, where Ubisoft brings out the traditional dancers to come bust a move on stage – this time, with a dabbing panda bear. No release date on this one.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Taking advantage of the Skylanders craze, Ubisoft has arrived on the scene with a brand new mix-n-match toys-to-life style game. You can build your own spaceship and mount it on your controller with this one, bringing your creation to life and playing this new sci-fi offering. We don’t know too much about this one, beyond the fact that it’s going to make an obscene amount of money; these toys always fly off the shelves.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

This is the one that made everybody completely lose their minds. For those who don’t know: This is a really, really big deal. Beyond Good and Evil is one of the most beloved games to ever be forgotten, coming out in 2002 and creating a very passionate and niche audience in the meantime. Almost 15 years in the making, this game has finally broken out of its harsh sentence in development hell to come greet us with what’s easily the best trailer that released all year. Full of charm and personality, it gave everyone hope that there’s some true personality coming to our consoles soon. When you’re done watching the trailer on loop like I have been, wait for this one to come out some time in the future.

What did you think of Ubisoft’s conference? Some people were underwhelmed by this year as a whole, but Ubisoft had some genuinely exciting things. Whether you’re a Just Dance fan, a BG+E diehard, or a rabid collector who wants to get all of the ships in Starlink, there’s going to be something out this year for you to give your hard earned cash to Ubisoft. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts down below.