Here’s an amazing look at the HoloLens technology during TED2016

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Microsoft will begin officially shipping the HoloLens development kits next week, although some lucky developers have received early shipping notices. With Build 2016 also on the horizon, we can expect to start hearing some pretty interesting things about the company’s mixed reality solution.

HoloLens TED 2016
HoloLens TED 2016.

At TED, where innovation and creativity are often featured, HoloLens got some serious attention, along with a little hyperbole from HoloLens guru Alex Kipman on the Microsoft Devices blog:

I invite you to take a step back from the 2D world of monitors and pixels, and explore with me what’s possible when technology enters our real world. See the first-ever holographic teleportation and dream about a world where we move the dial from the virtual to the real worlds. HoloLens is a part of that journey, but the technology speaks to concepts so much more than a product—the ability to connect, to overcome space and time to create meaningful connections with other humans. Most exciting of all, this is just the beginning.

Head on over to the blog post to watch the TED video, or watch it below. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

As always, we’ll be doing our best to keep you updated on HoloLens and every other Microsoft development. Let us know in the comments what you think of HoloLens so far, and where you think Microsoft’s Windows 10 mixed reality solution will go in the future.

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