Here’s a handy guide to the Azure Stack coverage at Ignite 2016

Michael Cottuli

If you’re attending Ignite and looking for a better idea of what you can do there, we might have something for you. Charlie Satterfield, a senior program manager of Azure Stack, has put up a post on the Azure blog detailing all of the Azure Stack coverage that’s going to be at Ignite.

If you have any interest in Azure Ignite, you should skim through the list of events and see if you’d like to attend one.

Here’s the short version of Charlie’s descriptions. For more information, we recommend visiting his full blog post.

 BRK3115: Becoming a Microsoft Azure Stack infrastructure rockstar

This is going to be held by Charlie Satterfield and his colleague, Thomas Roettinger. It’s going to be focusing on helping to make you an “infrastructure managing rockstar.”

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • Integrating Azure Stack with your data center: What points of integration are available, why you should integrate, and how
  • Hardware management: How will cloud administrators manage the hardware supporting Azure Stack?
  • Monitoring: How are concepts like health and alerting enabled?

BRK3327: Dive deep into Microsoft Azure Stack IaaS

Scott Napolitan and Mallikarjun Chadalapaka, program managers for Azure Stack, host this event to show off how Azure Stack provides a solid Internet as a Service experience while still being recognizable as Azure.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • Compute, storage, and networking resource providers and how they interact with the underlying infrastructure
  • The infrastructure and technologies that enable Azure Stack to surface simple resource primitives that can be consumed by the same APIs used with Azure
  • What to expect regarding IaaS scenarios and features enabled in TP2
  • How cloud administrators will surface resources to their tenants

BRK3112: Learn about the community of templates for Azure Stack

Marc van Eijk and Ricardo Mendes host this panel to help you understand Azure Resource Manager templates, showing off what tools you can use, how you can create and deploy your own ARM templates, and how to troubleshoot those deployments when they go wrong.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • An introduction to GitHub
  • Repositories, forks, clones, branches, commits and pull requests
  • End-to-end example on how to make an update to the Azure-Quickstart Templates

BRK3141: Discuss Microsoft DevOps on Azure Stack

Anjay Ajodha, Matthew McGlynn, and Shri Natarajan run the show in this presentation, which showcases how you can integrate and deploy using Azure Stack.  It also serves as a good introduction to DevOps.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • What is DevOps and how does it bring value to your organization?
  • How can your developers define an application’s infrastructure through Resource Manager templates, and deploying to Azure Stack?
  • How can rapid changes be made to an application’s infrastructure?
  • How can you bring DevOps to your own organization?

BRK3148: Learn about hybrid applications with Azure and Azure Stack

Ricardo Mendes, a program manager for the Azure Stack team, will use this presentation to teach you where Azure and Azure Stack knowledge intercept. If you want to learn more about using public cloud resources/resources in your data center when developing apps, this is a good one for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • The different types of hybrid cloud apps
  • Why hybrid solutions?
  • Challenges on building those type of apps
  • Tooling and resources to get you started faster

That’s it as far as Azure Stack is concerned. Anyone attending Microsoft Ignite should be able to check out all of these presentations in person and start working on your mastery of Azure Stack.

Keep an eye out on the Azure Blog for more updates.