Here’s a great deal on an Xbox One Quantum Break bundle, only $229 and you get four extra games

Kareem Anderson

Couple Microsoft’s marketing efforts to push its first-party games and its release of new Xbox One hardware and customers shopping for a new console experience are in for some cool bundle-themed purchases.

Customers can now grab an Xbox One Quantum Break console bundle with four additional games for the low sticker price of $229.00. Details of the offer include a 500GB white version of the original Xbox One that will come packaged with Quantum Break and a download code for Remedy Studios other Xbox 360 hit, Alan Wake. Thanks to the added Backward compatibility feature in the Xbox One, the download, and install of Alan Wake on the console is a relatively no-muss, no fuss ordeal.

The other two games that come as part of the bundle include a free copy of The Crew, a Ubisoft racing game and a newly released Xbox One game of choice valued at $59.99

The fine print of the new bundle reads as a timely event. To reap the full four free games benefit, customers need to act by this Saturday, October 1, 2016. Any Quantum Break bundle purchase made after October 1, 2016, will result in a lowly three-free game grab.

Despite being a five-month-old game, Microsoft published, and Remedy Entertainment developed Quantum Break is still a sought after commodity in the Xbox One gaming community, that is, if you were to go buy the limited stock online retailers such as Gamefly are routinely posting.

Head over to the Microsoft Store to read all the details regarding the newly priced Xbox One Quantum Break bundle and to see a list of current Xbox games that can serve as that excellent fourth free game this weekend.