HERE releases Location Platform Services for Azure -
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HERE releases Location Platform Services for Azure

Despite not occupying the same smartphone lane they used to, Microsoft and HERE maps are still a thing.

Leveraging their location-based data HERE will now provide its Location Platform Services to developers using Microsoft Azure tools.

According to a press release from HERE, "HERE Maps & Location Services allows developers to fast-track the development of location-centric applications, by leveraging HERE’s global map data and curated location content in combination with the readily available location services including rendering, search, routing, transit, and positioning."

More specifically, Azure-based developers in 193 countries around the world will have the chance to play around with:

  • Geocoding – High-precision mapping of geo-coordinates and addresses
  • Positioning – Device tracking and positioning for indoors and outdoors, online or offline
  • Fleet Telematics – Advanced algorithms for optimal truck routing and planning with a deep set of data including truck attributes (maximum height and weight clearance), toll costs, and environmental zones
  • Routing – Precise instructions to a destination using various transport modes (car, truck, public transit, bicycle) and leveraging matrix and isoline algorithms
  • Places – Extensive set of Points of Interest with rich attribution for 400+ categories providing real-world context and relevance for a variety of use cases
  • Map Tiles – Pre-rendered map tiles with different display types, such as regular map, satellite imagery, and terrain
  • Map Image – Pre-rendered map images already optimized for both desktop & mobile devices

For developers looking to build more precise and engaging data experiences while reducing their server cost overhead, the addition of HERE Map's Location Platform Services is a great tool to onboard.

In addition to utilizing HERE Maps & Location Platform Services, developers will also get a free start of 250,000 location transactions as they manage WebApp backends, real-time data streams, fleet management, and location search to name a few.

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