Here is a peek at Tweetium, your new favorite Twitter app for Windows Phone

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Here is a peak at Tweetium, your new favorite Twitter app for Windows Phone

Brandon Paddock, the man behind the Tweetium app for Windows 8.1, is working on a Twitter app for Windows Phone. Currently in private beta, the app aims to dethrone the official Twitter app with plenty of cool features and multi-account support. It’s the same app that’s on Windows 8.1, adapted to run on Windows Phone 8.1.

For those that did not know, Tweetium is currently the premiere Twitter client on Windows 8.1. It is fast and slick, and has been designed with feedback from serious Twitter users. The main purpose of the app is to help you get the most out of Twitter, while on your desktop, laptops, and tablets. It is only a matter of time now before you get to use this app on your Windows Phone device too.

The app for Windows Phone is a universal app, which means existing owners of the Windows app will not have to pay a cent. If you purchase a Pro subscription, which allows you to have more than one Twitter account and push notifications, it will apply to both versions.

The app also syncs across devices. When I installed the private beta on my Windows Phone device, the app automatically displayed my custom theme settings. Keep in mind that this app is still in testing phases, so the user interface and feature list may change once the app hits the public. Keep in mind that Tweetium is known for having less “chrome” and more content, unlike the official Twitter app for Windows Phone.

Knowing the developer’s track record on Windows, we can expect this Windows Phone app to kick some serious butt. He has been known for releasing a plethora of updates and he listens to user feedback.

For now, you have to wait in order to get your hands on Tweetium on Windows Phone, but just know that we have a dedicated developer creating a brand new Twitter app for us! I’ve been using the app on Windows 8.1 since it made its debut and I have never looked back. 

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