HERE Maps for Windows Phone adds improved 3D landmarks, point address rendering and more


If you happen to be a regular user of HERE Maps on your Windows Phone handset, there’s some good news for you. The app picked up a decent update which brings improved 3D landmarks for some cities, as well as several other enhancements.

With the latest HERE Maps, the 3D landmarks have improved by offering more details about famous locations as well as better textures for the landmarks. In addition, “point address rendering” has been introduced in several countries, including France, South Africa, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Baltics, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Israel, Kazakhstan and Puerto Rico. Point address rendering allow users to find out where addresses and buildings are on the streets, making it easier for users to locate their destinations. 

Nokia described this feature as having a visual representation of the exact address. “You can browse the map and see at-a-glance where addresses and buildings are on along the streets. A visual representation of exact addresses makes it a lot easier to find your destination.”

Nokia says Mauritius is the region where maps have received a comprehensive overhaul, giving them more detail and better street network coverage so you can move around in the area, whether you’re a local or on a holiday on the beautiful island. 

“Mauritius is one of the main locations to benefit, with the map getting a comprehensive overhaul. Island shapes and rough street coverage has now been upgraded to a detailed coastline and comprehensive street network coverage, making it far easier to plan your holiday and explore the likes of Port Louis using your Windows Phone,” Nokia says.

To grab the update, simply head over to the Settings, and go to Applications > Maps and check for the updates. If you’ve already updated HERE Maps, let us know about your thoughts regarding these new features.

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