HERE maps website gets a Beta – signup now to be among the first to explore the world Nokia style

Staff Writer


Most Windows Phone users know about the ongoing debate between the various mapping services available for their platform — Microsoft Bing, Nokia HERE, and Google Maps; all three are excellent services, and now is trying to improve their website experience with a limited beta.

Nokia’s will be launching a private beta for their web users that will include a “new design” and “continuous improvements” on already implemented features. We do not have all the details, but if you are a loyal users of Nokia’s mapping service and want to try it out –- feel free to grab the beta signup link below!

“HERE inspires you to explore and discover places in over 200 countries. Wherever you choose to go, you can always find the best way to get there with driving, walking or public transport directions.”

All you need to signup is your name and email address – go for it!