HERE Maps and Skype for Nokia X smartphones receive major updates

HERE Maps and Skype for Nokia X smartphones receive major updates

Skype for Nokia X smartphones has been updated. The update brings with it significant battery improvements, as well as enhances the call quality.

In addition to the said improvements, the updated version also adds the ability to group chat and enhances the video messaging experience. Besides that, the company says that it has added full support for cloud-based one-to-one messaging.

Alongside Skype, the navigation service HERE Maps is also snagging an update. HERE Maps for Nokia X family now has a global navigation license, as a result of which, users will be able to look at distant locations. Thanks to the improved functionalities, users will be required to put less effort to get where they want to.

There are some functional improvements as well. For instance, instead of prompting you to download voice packs at its first launch, now the app allows you to get to it later.

Also, HERE Maps won’t go blank while loading maps anymore, instead it will show you messages to keep you updated with what’s going on. In addition, HERE Maps will now also use satellite images. 

Both the updates are now available to the Nokia X, X+, XL as well as the recently launched Nokia X2. 

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