Here is the list of known issues in the first Windows 10 for phones preview

Here is the list of known issues in the first windows 10 for phones preview

Now that Windows 10 for phones is out and you’ve embarked on your exciting adventure of discovery, you are likely to come across some exciting new features. Alas, you will also run across a few demons as you venture through the unknown, and you will often find yourself fighting through plagues of bugs and glitches. So here is a map, a guide, to help you identify the vile creatures before they creep up on you from the darkness!

You see what Windows 10 does to us? Before we completely lose what’s left of our minds, below is the full list of known issues in the first Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones and their respective workarounds. It's pretty extensive but I guess its better to know what to expect.

"This is still an early build and while there are many things that work great, there are also known bugs and things that just don’t work quite right yet. Remember that you’re seeing a work in progress, and a huge goal of the Windows Insider program is to work with a large community of people to provide feedback." - Microsoft

If you spot any other issues, be sure to submit them to the Windows Feedback app on the phone as it would help Microsoft iron them out. You can also use the app to submit your ideas and suggestions for improvements as Microsoft is just as committed to user feedback on phones as it is on the PC.

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