Here is how you can set up and manage the Surface Hub

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If your business scrounged up enough cash to grab a Surface Hub, you might still be at a bit of loss as to what you really do with it. The Hub is a piece of hardware that's a little bit intimidating at first - a massive screen fitted with an altered version of Windows 10, coming at a price tag that can climb to the tens of thousands.

The newest video from Microsoft Mechanics goes over setting up your Surface Hub, whether it be refining its software or going through your initial setup experience out of the box. If there's anything you weren't totally familiar with while you were setting up the device, the video should walk you through the process and make sure you don't do anything incorrectly.

If you haven't dropped thousands of dollars on a new Surface Hub, this video might still be a good way to introduce you to how it works, and get a better idea as to whether or not it's for you or your company. It's fairly thorough, and the format makes it easy to understand just what the Hub is capable of doing.

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