Here is how you can celebrate International Yoga Day with Bing

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The search patterns of users are evolving from simply using the big empty search box to answer questions to users now expecting contextual information surrounding an initial query.

Periodically, Microsoft's Bing search engine showcases its contextual algorithms on its main page during national and colloquial holidays which have included 4th of July, the Super Bowl, and Autism Awareness Day among many others.

Today, Bing search users will find tips, videos, and links related to International Yoga Day.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a chakra from a chaturanga — simply search ‘yoga exercises,’ and you can explore Bing’s carousel of poses, complete with video demos and the ability to sort by difficulty level and body parts you’d like to focus on.

Here is how you can celebrate international yoga day with bing - onmsft. Com - june 21, 2017

A simple 'yoga workouts' search will bring up images of yoga poses, videos of full yoga workouts and related exercises such as Pilates.

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