Here is how Bing can help you follow all the eSports action this summer

Michael Cottuli

It’s a great time to get into eSports. Whether you’re a League of Legends fan following the international seen with the Mid Season Invitational (MSI), a Counter Strike: Global Offensive die-hard betting all of your weapon skins on your favorite team in the ESL, or a DotA 2 fanatic gearing up for TI7, there’s something for everybody to follow. Never to be outdone, the folks at Microsoft have devised some tools with Bing that can help you keep up.


These tools work pretty much exactly like their tools for tracking traditional sports, if you’re familiar with those. Just use Bing to look up tournaments like MSI or the Spring Split, and you’ll get scores (for completed games/tournaments) or schedules (for games that have yet to happen. On top of that, you can also look up teams to get their roster and a few useful statistics about each player. If you’re working on building your fantasy team for the League Summer Split, this should help you during the draft.

You can also use Bing to catch some replays, if you’re looking to watch the big game that you missed. It’ll all be there for you on the front page of your search if you use Bing to look up the tournament or game. While most eSports fans already know how to get all of this information, Bing is doing a great job of keeping it together for new fans – or people who just need it all at a glance.