Here is how you can use your voice to create OneNote entries on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android


Here is how you can use your voice to create Quick Notes in OneNote on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android

Did you know that you can speak your thoughts directly to your phone and have it automatically filled into Microsoft’s OneNote app? You can do this on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS as long as you have the app installed. 

With the Windows Phone app, you can utilize Cortana, the digital personal assistant, to record and transcribe voice notes. Either tap the Cortana tile or tap the search button to activate Cortana. Say “Note” then speak whats on your mind.

Setting this up in iOS is a bit tricky, on the other hand. You are required to create a new entry in the Contacts app on your iPhone (or iPad for that matter) and set the name to “One Note.” You also have to set up [email protected] with your email address. Head over to and add your email address. 

Once you are done with the above process, activate Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, and tell it to “Send an email to OneNote.”

Last but not least, Android has OneNote already integrated with Google Now. Launch Google Now by saying “Ok Google” and say “note to self.” Select OneNote to complete the action and you are all done!

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