Here are the Windows Phone devices you can use on Verizon's XLTE network

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Here are the Windows Phone devices you can use on Verizon's XLTE network

Verizon Wireless today announced XLTE, the next step in the company's attempt at offering the highest data speed compared to any wireless network in the United States. XLTE doubles the 4G LTE bandwidth and provides faster peak speeds in cities coast to coast. So which Verizon Windows Phone device will be able to handle it?

"XLTE delivers faster peak data speeds and a minimum of double the bandwidth to 4G LTE customers in high traffic areas in markets nationwide where AWS spectrum has been activated.  XLTE Ready devices automatically access both 700 MHz spectrum and the AWS spectrum in XLTE cities. Customers with 4G LTE devices operating solely on the 700 MHz spectrum in XLTE markets also benefit from the extra capacity created by XLTE Ready device traffic moving to the AWS spectrum," Verizon stated.

The Samsung Ativ SE and Nokia Lumia Icon are the only two Windows Phone device that will support XLTE, right now. On the other side of the fence, the newest DROID devices, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and Note 3, and the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, are XLTE Ready when purchased. Hopefully we see new Windows Phone devices that can take advantage of XLTE soon.

You can take a look at the introduction video to XLTE below. Are you excited for faster data speeds?

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