Here are the new games coming to Xbox this week, February 28 – March 4

Robert Collins

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A total of 13 games are coming to Xbox consoles during the week of February 28th to March 4th. It looks like a packed and eclectic lineup, which is nice to see. All of these games are playable on both Xbox One and Series X/S.

No games are set to release on Monday, though the month of March is set to kick off with a bang. Here are the games coming out on Tuesday, the 1st.

Conan Chop Chop

A top-down action rpg with stick figure characters, set in the Conan the Barbarian universe. Epic boss battles, labyrinthine dungeons, and an ocean of loot waiting to be plundered. What more could you ask for?

Little Orpheus

This side-scrolling adventure utilizes a technicolor aesthetic that aims to hearken back to classic heroic adventure films like The Land that Time Forgot. It promises to be one of the more distinct games of its type coming out soon.

Shadow Warrior 3

The latest entry in the Shadow Warriors franchise doesn’t stray too far from the series trademark blend of frenetic gunplay and bushido-style slicing and dicing mayhem. And that’s why longtime fans and newcomers alike will love it.

Far: Changing Tides

This maritime-themed adventure game will be a day one Game Pass title, so there’s no reason to miss out on it. The game will take players on a high seas adventure through a stunning post-deluge world.

Xbox game pass
Far: Changing Tides will be a day one Game Pass game

Elex II

This open world role playing game is created by the same folks behind the Risen franchise. Elex II allows players to explore its huge world via jetpack, which gives exploration a different kind of feel than what you’ll find in most open world exploration-based games.

The stream of releases bogs down a bit in the middle of the week, only to pick back up again with a torrent of games coming out on Friday in time for the weekend.


The only game set to release on Wednesday, the 2nd, this adventure title is set in a post-apocalyptic Russia. The game features standard adventure mechanics such as collecting items and finding clues to game’s secrets in order to advance the story forward.

Farm Manager 2022

The only game lined up to release on Thursday, this is the latest installment of the Farm Manager series. This installment features a new and improved interface, which should make all that crop management easier and more intuitive.

Here are the half-dozen titles releasing on the 4th.

Music Racer: Ultimate

If you took F-Zero, Tron, and something like Rock Band or even the classic rhythm game Amplitude, and put them in a blender, then you would end up with something resembling Music Racer. It’s a fun combination of the racing and music genres in which the tracks are created in real time according to the rhythm of the music.

A Musical Story

This 70s-themed rhythm game is the debut effort of a new France-based developer, Glee-Cheese Studio.

Ryan’s Rescue Squad

This colorful platformer follows the exploits of titular protagonist Ryan, who sets out on a quest to rescue his friends from the clutches of the evil Packrat.

Legend of Ixtona

Legend of Ixtona is an isometric turn-based strategy rpg in the vein of something like Final Fantasy Tactics, with a graphical style somewhat similar to the Disgaea series.

Gunborg: Dark Matters

This is a platformer that is set on a spaceship. It has an 80s synthwave kind of vibe, especially in its soundtrack.

What lies in the Multiverse

Finally we have this 2D side-scrolling pixel art game. It’s main selling point is its story, which makes use of cartoonish humor to touch on rather serious narrative themes, like death.

So there are the games Xbox gamers have to look forward to in the coming week. The steady stream of new releases doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.