Here are the launch times for Sea of Thieves in your area

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After months of anticipation, the moment is finally here for those who have been waiting for Sea of Thieves. The game is launching 9 PM PDT tonight on March 19 here in the United States, so here is a quick look at what time you can start playing in some other popular regions across the world.

If you’re located in New Zealand, you can start playing at 11:00 UTC on March 19th, 2018. Similarly, if you’re in Australia, you can start playing at on March 19th at 13:00 UTC. Finally, if you’re in India, you can start playing on March 19th at 18:30 UTC. Of course, you can check the full list of launch times for other regions here.

In other news, Sea of Thieves will be getting a Day One Patch, complete with the latest in pirate eyewear. Microsoft has also heavily marketed the title by launching a pirate out of a cannon, offering Sea of Thieves free with an Xbox One X, and even sending people on a real-life treasure hunt.

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