Here are the known issues with Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 15025

Arif Bacchus

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After holding off on the launch of a Windows 10 mobile build yesterday due to a blocking bug, Dona Sarkar and the Windows Insider team have finally pushed the red button and unleashed a new mobile build to Insiders. As always, before you install, please have a look at the short list of known issues below.

Known issues with Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 15025:

  • Speech packs will be unable to download on this build.
  • The ninja cat emoji display in two characters on the keyboard instead of the expected one.
  • Adding a new card / paying with an existing card will not work in Microsoft Wallet.
  • Microsoft Edge might sometimes unexpectedly not rotate into landscape mode. If this happens, try quickly locking and unlocking your phone.

So there you have it, the list of known issues is quite short this week, but still may persist over time once you install. Let us know how the experience is going for you, and also let us know if you’ve experienced other issues in this build by dropping us a comment below!