Here are the games we know are coming to (and leaving) Xbox Game Pass in October

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We are not even halfway through the month of September at this point, and already we’ve heard several announcements regarding Game Pass in October. So far the news is mostly good, with six games confirmed coming to the service that month. Here is a look at those.

Games coming to Game Pass in October

Coral Island (PC)—October 11

A Plague Tale: Requiem—October 18

Persona 5: Royal—October 21

Scorn—October 21

Gunfire Reborn—October 27

Signalis—October 27

Games leaving Game Pass in October

So that’s the good news (though some may be disappointed that High on Life, which has been delayed until December 13, is not on this list as was previously expected). The bad news is that there are two games we know already that will be leaving Game Pass in October. And it’s a real blow for off-road racing fans: DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally will both be removed on October 3rd.

The silver lining in this is that you still have plenty of time to tear through the ranks to become a rally or rallycross legend in each of these excellent racing games. And as added consolation Game Pass members can still get their DiRT fix with DiRT 5 and DiRT Rally 2.0. Not to mention the fact that games on Game Pass are purchasable at a discount—often 20% or more—for members.

So what’s got you excited for Game Pass in October? No doubt A Plague Tale: Requiem is the highlight thus far for many. But things seems to be picking up as the warm months begin to wane, and you can rest assured there will be many more Game Pass announcements before October arrives. Stay tuned right here for all the Game Pass news as it happens.

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