Here are the details on the Lumia 950 XL, HP Elite x3 Black Friday bundle deals at the Microsoft Store

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Earlier today, we reported that the US Microsoft Store had just set up a dedicated page for the upcoming Black Friday Deals that will be available to consumers starting November 24. Looking at the details, we saw that two offers on the Lumia 950 XL (currently priced at $499) and the HP Elite x3 (currently priced at $799, with a Desk Dock) were quite confusing as the Microsoft Store doesn’t provide as much details as for the other discounted products right now.

You could easily think that the Lumia 950XL is offered for just $1.
You could easily think that the Lumia 950XL is offered for just $1.

We’ve reached the Microsoft Store to learn more details on these discounts and here is what a Microsoft Store spokesperson answered us:

  • Starting November 24, purchasing the $499 Lumia 950 XL will get you a free unlocked Lumia 950 ($379.05 value) plus a free Microsoft Display Dock ($99 value).
  • On this same day, the Microsoft Store will start selling a $1,148 HP Elite x3 Bundle featuring the handset ($799 value), the HP Laptop Dock ($599 value), a free silicon case and a free screen protector.

Earlier in April, the Microsoft Store also offered for a limited time a free Lumia 950 with a Lumia 950XL purchase in the US and Canada, though this previous offer did not include a free Display Dock as well.

As for the offer on the HP Elite x3 bundle, the free Laptop Dock really seems to be great value as this expensive accessory does enable the use of Continuum in a true mobile setting, transforming the Windows 10 Mobile handset in a lightweight notebook. Sound off in the comments if you’re looking forward to take advantage of these offers starting November 24.

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