Here are some tips for successful cloud collaboration

According to the latest blog post from Microsoft's Office blog, many IT groups aren't quite measuring the success of their cloud collaboration program properly. Instead of focusing on whether their collaborative efforts are directly resulting in a more productive environment, they're just testing to see if the programs were implemented at all. This, of course, isn't a productive way to go about things. In the interest of helping IT groups better understand the process of upgrading to a cloud-collaborative system, the Office blog brought out a few useful tips.

  • Start with a familiar interface

It's very difficult to get a workforce to adopt an entirely new and unfamiliar interface overnight. There are plenty of hiccups that will always come from the attempt to learn something new, and adopting something familiar is always going to make for the smoothest transition.

  • Turn executives into enthusiasts

A good collaborative software isn't something that needs to be shoehorned into every facet of your business to be successful - instead, it's going to sell itself by providing invaluable efficiency. KCOM Group, a company that Microsoft spoke to for the purposes of this blog post, said that upgrading made them more flexible and more agile as a company.

  • Let the experts help build your plan

If you're trying to reinvent the inner workings of your business by shifting it over to a cloud-collaborative framework, you can't go it alone. Microsoft offers the "FastTrack" system in order to help guide a business through all of the inevitable hiccups that come with upgrading to the cloud, and it's invaluable. By saving all of the time that would be consumed by confusion and transition-related mistakes, FastTrack users are already on their way to a more efficient business.

You can check out a few stories about cloud-collaborative transitions in Microsoft's blog post right here. These tips are a great start for those who are curious about shifting over to the cloud, and should most definitely be followed - especially if Office 365 is your company's cloud technology of choice.

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