Here are the alleged hardware specs of a Surface Pro 4 prototype

Here are the hardware specs of an alleged Surface Pro 4 prototype

The Surface Pro 3 was a massive success, and now, almost a year after it launched, a successor is imminent. But how can Microsoft improve on an already winning formula without ruining it? It’s a tough question that Microsoft probably thought long and hard about.

We received a tip yesterday from, a Chinese source that claimed to have obtained the spec list of a Surface Pro 4 prototype, naturally we were skeptical, and decided to sit on it while we work on exploring its credibility. The specs do seem fairly reasonable for prototype hardware, but be warned, everything could potentially change by the time the final product launches.

On to the specs. The device is reportedly powered by an Intel ‘Broadwell’ processor. We don’t know which processor exactly, but the source specifically stated that it is not and Intel Core M (thank goodness!). However, it is based on a fanless design, which could mean CPU throttling. The prototype allegedly has tiny holes around it to radiate heat, but they’re not as prominent as the fan holes on the Surface Pro 3. Because of this fanless design, the prototype is thinner, but not lighter compared to the Suface Pro 3, and features the same 12-inch display and resolution, the same ports, and from what we understand, the same port layout, which would make it compatible with the existing SP3 docking station.

Here are the hardware specs of an alleged Surface Pro 4 prototype

Overall, the Surface Pro 4 prototype is thinner, and features a new range of Intel processors, everything else remains the same. We’ll let you decide whether or not that’s enough to merit an upgrade from the Surface Pro 3. What are your thought on this? We’d also love to see your expected Surface Pro 4 specs lists, so post them in the comments below!

Build is now under 24 hours away, and we’ll be there to bring you the latest on what is unveiled, so stay tuned to WinBeta for that!

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