HERE apps for Windows Phone updated, fixes sync issues and more

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Here apps for windows phone updated, fixes sync issues and more - onmsft. Com - december 18, 2014

The collection of HERE apps for Windows Phone all received updates today. The HERE collection includes HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Explore Beta, and HERE Transit. The newest addition to all of these apps is that now you can create a new account for HERE (if you have not done so already). Before, you could only create an account in HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, and Here Explore Beta (formerly HERE City Lens). The newest update appears to fix sync issues with some Windows Phones as well as migration issues with saved favorites within the HERE apps. HERE apps are exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.

This collection of HERE apps are great alternatives to default Windows Phone offerings and other 3rd party apps. I've used HERE Transit more often than other travel apps, but don't rely on it so much nowadays as I primarily use a 3rd party app for bus times. HERE Transit is more for estimated times of using public transit. HERE Drive+ is a great navigation app for driving (duh!), but it offers reliable drive times, and I use it whenever I need to drive someplace. HERE Maps is also a great map service and it is used often in conjunction with HERE Drive+ to get up-to-the-minute route changes. I will have to admit that I do not use HERE Explore Beta as much because I prefer to see a list of places around me, instead of using my camera to show you where the places are physically in relation to your location. 

For more information or to download these apps, check out the links below!   

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