Help Microsoft improve the Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone by giving your feedback

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Help microsoft improve the remote desktop app for windows phone by giving your feedback

Just yesterday, Microsoft's Remote Desktop Preview app for Windows Phone, which allows you to control your Windows PC from your smartphone, snagged an important update. The update squashed the existing bugs, and adjusts its keyboard size in accordance with the display of the handset you're accessing it on.

Now, Microsoft is looking for your help in providing feedback for the app. The company has created a UserVoice page where users of the app can leave important feedback. "We’ve created this site as a tool to help Microsoft understand how customers use the Remote Desktop app and we welcome your feedback," the site states.

"We’d love your help in finding out what feature set is really important to you to ensure you can accomplish the activities you leverage Remote Desktop for, whether that’s connecting back to your home PC, accessing your office PC while out to lunch or eventually being able to connect to the new Microsoft RemoteApp service or other remote resources made available to you by your admin," Microsoft's David Bélanger stated. He is the program manager on the Remote Desktop team.

Head over to the VIA link below to check out the feedback site. If you are a regular user of this app, we highly recommend providing your input so the app can be made better. We've also added the download link in case you missed yesterday's release.

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