Windows Store app highlight: HD Alarm Clock

Hd alarm clock

HD Alarm clock is the most powerful and reliable nightstand alarm clock app for Windows 8 and Windows RT and will surely become soon your favorite alarm clock. This full-featured alarm clock app provides a wide range of customization options to make it yours. It also comes with a large choice of beautiful themes and ringtones.

The gentle wake provides a pleasant wake-up experience, by slowly increasing the screen brightness and alarm sound. And the sleep optimizer widget reminds you when it is the best time to sleep or take a nap.

NOTE: When the app is in the foreground, it will prevent your device from falling asleep. Indeed, Windows 8 apps are stopped when the device is in sleep mode. So please remember to plug your device in.
Tip: If you turn on the sleep optimizer's notifications, you will be reminded to plug in your device.

If the app is not in the foreground when an alarm is triggered, a notification will be displayed. You can choose the notification sound among four different built-in looping ringtones.

Please note that some features are disabled by default and must be enabled from the app settings (Charm bar). The best sleep time/nap time is displayed only when it is relevant.

The app costs $2.49 and is available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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