Fortnite adds new type of glider as part of Disney Plus Marvel’s Hawkeye content

Brad Stephenson

Marvel's Hawkeye in Fortnite video game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows

The Fortnite video game today added a variety of content to the in-game store inspired by Disney Plus’ recent Marvel TV series, Hawkeye.

In addition to Clint (Hawkeye), Kate (New Hawkeye), some quiver back blings, and two purple pickaxes, this update also added a Hawkeye-themed glider that’s actually a brand new type of glider for the mega-popular battle royale title.

Marvel's Hawkeye content in Fortnite video game
Marvel’s Hawkeye content in Fortnite video game

While Fortnite has had traditional gliders, surfing gliders, and even a descending staircase glider in the past, this new Hawkeye glider, named the Aerial Archer Glider, draws inspiration from windsurfing and allows the character to grab onto the side of the glider and ride it down to the island from the bus.

You can see the new windsurfing glider in action below.

All of the items (with the exception of the back blings which come with each character) are available to buy individually but those who buy them all in a bundle will also get an exclusive loading screen featuring the two Marvel archers.

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