Having problems with audio or Edge on Windows 10 Insider build 15007? Here’s a workaround

Laurent Giret

Windows 10

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Last week, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 Insider build 15007 for PC and mobile, which brought many new features on the PC side especially for Microsoft Edge users. As usual, this this preview build also had a fair amount of known issues including a nasty bug that can cause your PC to experience Edge crashes, lose audio or struggle under continuous high CPU/disk usage.

If you have been affected by this bug on your Insider machines (as we were), Jason Howard, Microsoft Program Manager on the Windows Insider Engineering team has shared a workaround on Microsoft’s Community site (via Rod Trent). In case you missed it, here are all the technical details below:

To bypass this bug, please complete the following either the Quick OR Manual steps:

Quick steps:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Paste the following: Rmdir /s %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Spectrum\PersistedSpatialAnchors
    Shutdown /r

Manual steps:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Navigate to this folder: c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Spectrum
  3. Select the “PersistedSpatialAnchors” folder and click Delete
  4. Reboot the PC

Windows 10 build 15007 PersistedSpatialAnchors folder

If you encounter a message saying “files are in use” while trying to delete the folder, reboot your PC and try again.

That’s it!  You only need to complete these steps one time and the issue is resolved.

Overall, we’ve been pretty excited by this last PC build though we hope this bug will be fixed in upcoming preview builds. If you have experienced these issues, let us know in the comments if this workaround did the trick for you.