Having issues downloading or installing apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace?


Many users have had an issue downloading or updating an app in the past few days and today Microsoft has offered an explanation as to why this problem occurs. Microsoft has run into an issue with the digital certificates used to sign apps which is causing problems for users downloading or updating apps.

This issue seems to affect those who recently upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 and not those who bought a phone with WP7.5 pre-installed. “We’ve run into an issue with the digital certificates used to sign apps, and this is preventing some phones from installing some apps published during the last couple of days,” Microsoft explains. Microsoft belives that this problem affects a small percentage of apps in the Marketplace and apps that recently issued new updates. Until Microsoft fixes the issue, the company plans on temporarily stopping app publishing in the Marketplace. “If you get an error message while installing or updating an app, the best thing to do is wait for us to correct the problem, which we’re working to do as quickly as possible. I don’t recommend uninstalling any apps on your phone, since you likely won’t be able to download them again until the issue is resolved. Also, you’d lose any saved data for that app. Again, the vast majority of apps and games in Marketplace should install without trouble,” Microsoft explains.