Have a zen-like writing environment while on your Surface Pro 3 with the ZenType app

Have a zen-like writing environment while on your Surface Pro 3 with the ZenType app

Picture this. It is a beautiful, sunny weekend morning and you have your brand new Surface Pro 3 (or any other Windows 8.1 device) on your lap as you sit or lay comfortably. The crisp and cool morning breeze is inspiring you to write a story or finish that book you were working on.

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced applications, tools, and editors that can be distracting. Wouldn’t it be nice if, as a writer, we could easily have a means of just writing, with nothing else to distract us? Check out ZenType, a new app for Windows 8.1.

“ZenType lets you focus on the process of writing, setting your mind free and getting rid of things that distract you from this mere process. Bare in mind that this app never intended to feature powerful formatting capabilities; some features are on their way: like saving your text as a .txt file or opening previously written text pieces,” the app description reads.

The app has been designed with a sense of minimalism and the “zen experience.” The principle of ZenType is simple – all you need to do just write. You will be immersed into writing, without worrying about how your text looks, what font size it has, if the text is centered or indented, etc. Just write. Worry about all the formatting afterwards.

The app features carefully selected music and photography to help you focus. The app developer encourages user feedback and feature requests, so snag the app and leave a review!

The app is available for $0.99 and you can snag a free trial. Grab it via the download link below, and start typing without distractions.

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