Harvard Student Agencies offering a Free Surface Pro 3 in their “Get Prepped” Contest

Dave W. Shanahan


Harvard Student Agencies are undergraduates who provide tutoring to high school students around the country who are preparing for college. They have a free Get Prepped app in the Windows Store (see link below this article) to help those students preparing to go to college know what they need to do. You can listen to actual Harvard students share their application essays, experiences, and advice to learn what they did to get into college and what they’re doing now.

Get Prepped is your best source for everything that you need to know to get into college. Some features of the app include: 

  • Application essays, resumes, and featured stories from Harvard Students
  • Guide to applying to US colleges and universities
  • SAT test prep 
  • SAT vocab tool 
  • Access to Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring.

Get Prepped

If, and only if, you are a high school student, you can enter the “Get Prepped” contest for a chance to win a Windows Surface Pro 3 with a Type Cover The contest runs through December 31, 2014. Enter here.